Experience & Background: 

Our work and expertise in a broad range of professional environments including schools, outpatient and inpatient settings,residential-treatment, summer camps, wilderness programs, wrap-around services, businesses, and non-profit organizations provide a solid foundation that supports the services you’ll receive.

Resourcefulness & Creativity: 

We work actively as advocates for our clients, both inside and outside our office. We have attended IEP meetings, testified at hearings, and collaborated with a wide range of professionals, both locally and nationally. We will help connect you to the services that comprehensively address your needs.

Caring & Commitment: 

The work that we do together will build on the trust we develop and the connections we form. We will help you address and resolve your concerns and build new strategies to allow you to move forward in your life with greater satisfaction, comfort, and understanding.

Areas of Specialization Include:

Bipolar Disorder
Learning Disabilities
Autism Spectrum Disorder
Relationship Difficulties
Anxiety and Excessive Worry
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Depression and Low Self-Esteem

Play Therapy
Substance Abuse
Social Skills Groups
Psychological Testing
Post Traumatic Stress
Disruptive Behavior in Children
Therapeutic Wilderness Program Transitions
Lesbian, Gay, Transgender and Bisexual Issues